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Sorry, the waiting list​ is currently closed


Due to the huge success of the club we currently have a significant waiting list. Please be assured that as soon as places become available they will be offered to the next prospective member in the queue. 

When people register on the waiting list they obviously continue to search elsewhere and may find a place in another club. It is therefore difficult for us to search through a huge list every time a space becomes available and to disturb people who no longer require a place.

As such we only add names to the waiting list once it gets short enough to be practical.

In order to monitor the waiting list availability please subscribe to our Facebook page. When the waiting list is reopened we will make an announcement on Facebook and this page will change to feature a form where you can submit your details.

Please note: Due to the very large number of queries, we cannot respond to questions relating to waiting lists, whether by email, phone or the general enquiries contact form. We understand that this can be frustrating but in order that our volunteers can focus on running the club, this approach is necessary. 

Please be patient as we try our best to facilitate every child into our club as soon as possible. It's a great club and we really do want to share it with as many people as we can.

Thank you

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