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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the following answers to any frequently asked questions. Please let us know if there are any other questions (and answers) that you feel should be on this page and we will endeavor to add them.

Q: How do I join the waiting list?

A: Due to the huge success of the club we currently have a significant waiting list. Please be assured that as soon as places become available they will be offered to the next prospective member in the queue. 

When people register on the waiting list they obviously continue to search elsewhere and may find a place in another club. It is therefore difficult for us to search through a huge list every time a space becomes available and to disturb people who no longer require a place. ​As such we only add names to the waiting list once it gets short enough to be practical.

In order to monitor the waiting list availability please subscribe to our Facebook page. When the waiting list is reopened we will make an announcement on Facebook and this page will change to feature a form where you can submit your details and join the waiting list (queue).

Please note: Due to the very large number of queries, we cannot respond to questions relating to waiting lists, whether by email, phone or the general inquiries contact form. We understand that this can be frustrating but in order that our volunteers can focus on running the club, this approach is necessary. Only those who submit to the waiting list form (when it is made available), will join the waiting list and we will only be able to respond when your turn comes to fill a vacancy.

Q: What are the bank account details so that I can transfer money (fees) to your account?

A: Bank: Co-op   Sort Code:08-92-99   Account Number: 65809916

Q: What do recreational classes cost?

A: Recreational Class fees are as follows 1hr classes: £4.00 per 1hr class, 1.5hr classes: £6.00 per 1.5hr class. The per term fee depends upon the number of weeks, which can vary between 10-13 weeks as, they run inline with the school terms.

Q: How much are the British Gymnastics membership fees?

A: These fees are due once per year and at the time of writing are £17/year for most classes. These fees include membership, accident insurance and other benefits including discounted entry into venues such as Legoland. Follow this link for more details.

Q: My child can not attend the next class. Do I need to let you know?

A:  It is very important that you let us know if your child is not going to be attending their session for any reason. Club policy is that if they miss 2 or more consecutive weeks without us being informed, their place will be offered to someone else. If you need to contact us about an absence, please do so by leaving a message on our landline: 02921 321551 or leaving a message or text on 07840 264445. Thank you.

Q: How can I help?

A: We are always in need of volunteers. Even 1hr per week would be a help. Please follow this link for more information.

Q: Proficiency Badges - in what order are they awarded?

A: Level 8 is the lowest (first to be awarded) and level 1 is the highest award (after achieving levels 8 to 2)

Q: What is the dress code?

A: The dress code is leotard for girls and leotard and shorts for boys. Girls may wear fitted shorts, and both girls and boys may wear a close fitting T-shirt if they wish. Official club wear is also available in the online shop.

Q: Can you cater for members with a nut allergy?

A: We do, on a best endeavours basis, accommodate children with nut allergies. No nuts, peanuts, nut spreads or similar are allowed in the gym, not even in packets or in bags. We have members with severe nut allergies and therefore this rule is very important. 

Q: Running late for a class?

A: If you are more than 10mins late you will not be allowed to enter a class. This is because you will miss the warm up session and therefore have a much increased risk of injury. Facilitating separate warm up sessions for late members would distract the coaches from teaching the other members and also interfere with their focus on the safety of the other members.

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